I first heard about Alex through a local artist I was working with. After meeting her, I was genuinely surprised. I was anticipating a woman that that was overflowing in confidence and pride, having overcome great tribulations, and instead, I met a quiet and rather shy girl. Despite her many accolades, Alex was incredibly humble. I felt compelled to tell her story because that is what I love about documentary filmmaking; the opportunity to give a voice to those that otherwise may not be heard.

I hope you have enjoyed the film as much as we have enjoyed making it. As a filmmaker my passion projects are much more than a creative outlet. These projects give me the opportunity to develop the story I want to tell, through my own lens. This is a story of life lessons, an incredible person sharing what they have learned through years of effort, pain, tears, and a relentless obsession to move forward. In working with Alex, I have learned that insecurities often keep us from accomplishments and it is easier to hide behind our fears; using them as an excuse to stay behind, to procrastinate, to be afraid and content in a place that brings no happiness or satisfaction. This is not a “happily ever after” kind of story. This is a real story about a real life that, like most, is incredibly complex and difficult. This is a story about a girl that has had to overcome more than most. This is a story that showcases one person’s stamina, determination and drive. This is story about moving, evolving, changing and becoming STRONGER!

I hope you felt inspired by this humble approach to cinematic, documentary filmmaking, please stay tuned and follow me in social media for future projects and more inspirational stories.