Last year I had the opportunity to work with M Night Shyamalan as a behind the scene cinematographer. I remember reading the script before we shot the movie and I was wondering what actor was going to be capable of playing such a complex role. I have to admit that watching James McAvoy bringing these characters to life was jaw dropping. I remember one day in particular when he had to play two different personalities within the same shot and the way that he did it was one of the most impressive performances I have ever seen. I had the privilege of conducting a 45 minute interview with James; enjoy the these two short featurettes and please watch the movie.

 Big thanks to my friends at Neighborhood Film Company for bringing me on board and trusting me to shoot and direct BTS and EPK material for Night's last two movies. Also I want to give my friend Steve Perrong a big shout out for his amazing work editing these pieces.


I first heard about Alex through a local artist I was working with. After meeting her, I was genuinely surprised. I was anticipating a woman that that was overflowing in confidence and pride, having overcome great tribulations, and instead, I met a quiet and rather shy girl. Despite her many accolades, Alex was incredibly humble. I felt compelled to tell her story because that is what I love about documentary filmmaking; the opportunity to give a voice to those that otherwise may not be heard.

I hope you have enjoyed the film as much as we have enjoyed making it. As a filmmaker my passion projects are much more than a creative outlet. These projects give me the opportunity to develop the story I want to tell, through my own lens. This is a story of life lessons, an incredible person sharing what they have learned through years of effort, pain, tears, and a relentless obsession to move forward. In working with Alex, I have learned that insecurities often keep us from accomplishments and it is easier to hide behind our fears; using them as an excuse to stay behind, to procrastinate, to be afraid and content in a place that brings no happiness or satisfaction. This is not a “happily ever after” kind of story. This is a real story about a real life that, like most, is incredibly complex and difficult. This is a story about a girl that has had to overcome more than most. This is a story that showcases one person’s stamina, determination and drive. This is story about moving, evolving, changing and becoming STRONGER!

I hope you felt inspired by this humble approach to cinematic, documentary filmmaking, please stay tuned and follow me in social media for future projects and more inspirational stories.


New Community: An Instagram Story

We live in a tech-saturated, disconnected world. But we wanted to show how Instagram contained a culture that was truly connecting on the platform. So a group of us journeyed from Chicago, through the Southwest and up the West Coast and only stayed with people we knew from Instagram – meeting them for the first time in real life. This is a story of the people we met and the stories they shared.

Director: Ricky Staub
Director of Photography: Eliu Cornielle

2XU in Philly

A few weeks ago, I shot and directed this commercial for Zooppa and 2XU there was no budget for the film so I had to call a couple friends friends to come along with me and make it happen. Driving around the streets of Philadelphia, was a blast; It was a good reminder that sometimes is just cool to have fun with the process and do something just because. 

Sunset by the Ben Franklin Bridge shot on iphone.

Sunset by the Ben Franklin Bridge shot on iphone.

Sunset by the Ben Franklin Bridge shot on iphone.

Sunset by the Ben Franklin Bridge shot on iphone.

My favorite AC and really good friend Ryan Geffert.

My favorite AC and really good friend Ryan Geffert.


I recently shot a documentary with my talented friend, Ricky Staub, about the power of INSTAGRAM as social media platform and the strong creative community. We traveled across the country staying only with friends that we met through instagram. The film will be released within the next few weeks, but in the mean time check out the trailers and photos from the trip.

The team consisted of @thecraighensel, @littlecoal, @neighborhoodfilmco and myself  @eliucornielle as the cinematographer. We started our trip in Philadelphia and drove all the way to California, meeting talented individuals in every city. The journey was exhausting but incredibly rewarding. 

We quickly realized that the community support is incredibly important in the creative world but we also connected in a much deeper and personal level with so many new friends.